The Attack On Capitol Hill by “The Sovereign National Party” Speaker Leaving Remarks Which Are Determined Derogatory Can Can’t Be Printed Says; Top Executive of Sovereign de Lamour Palace, Lindor

Rajiv Rodriquez
4 min readMay 22, 2021

On a May morning today, the forthcoming Upper House Speaker of the House of Representatives from the national ‘Sovereign Old Party’ vetted and confirmed staff members at the Lindor Voter Registration Project in Lindor are planning their final steps before closely monitored Royal Crown General Election. In upcoming months, five months and three weeks to be exact before the election being held an implementation executive order 2021. was issued — Royal Crown Executives with close contact with HRS, Prince Job Fanthom left a “Very fucked” up one comment- today during an official royal press briefing toward local news reporters.

The National Convention whose day couldn’t have gone wrong after canvassing announcements toward a successful “ State Dinner” which person from around the world would not only see live would vote in this decision which was present toward the nation. In the early part of next month, 1,000,089,000 granted citizenships in a form of executive pardon and accessible to the Department of Homeland Security to the forthcoming candidate member, however, viewers are beginning to notice the shift in popularity toward this National Party calling it a national disaster and disgrace. The 2% popularity vote methodology political polls suggest that if the chairman of the SOP selects a member of the royal family to become a candidate in Royal Crown Election statistics predicts a shift toward a popularity vote in 79.9% in popularity before the debate says Regina Wallace, Sovereign College Polls, National Voting Reporting Center. The interest of the news stations is at state now battling with government, new voters, new immigrants, new borders, Black, Latino, Hispanic and Mid-Eastern aliens to becoming logged into Immigration Act and more before Election Day. Also in the Sovereign de Lamour Palace today, during a closed executive royal meeting a second Executive Order was issued from the royal chambers, — ruling the enforcement of local and royal police officer shall undergo training in the royal crown forces and or military forces which numerous of foreign aid and allies, however, Press Secretary, Daniel Showman failed to comment on this sudden force from the rulers of State says Tanya Coor, FNC Breaking News Center Royal Media Reporter And Journalist.

Rajiv Rodriquez

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