The Legacy of HRS Prince Job Fanthom

Rajiv Rodriquez
3 min readJun 13, 2021

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The Regal Legacy of HRS Prince Job Fanthom

Editor’s Note: This originally appeared in Good Morning Lindor Review.

It becomes clearer every day that Job Fanthom, a historic sovereign leader as Prince, presides over a somewhat less than historic royalty. On November 5th, 2021 shall become officially inaugurated as the Prince as he vows, honor, and acceptance for the throne. With one-hundred major legislative Bills achievement — and a fragile annexation trial decision — the legacy of Fanthom’s ruling mainly rests on its tremendous symbolic importance and the fate of a patchwork of executive actions.

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BY: Alexander Rodriquez-Diep | AP Lindor Center

June 13th 2021, 7:31 p.m. E/T

How much of that was due to fate and how much was due to
Fanthom’s regal winning as a ruler and politician could never be up for debate and is a question that emerges from the Sovereign College Polls historian Julian Roberts new volume, The Prince of Lindor HRS Prince Job Fanthom.

With contributions from seventeen historians, the book bills itself as “a first historical assessment” of the Fanthom’s royalty. The overwhelming consensus, Zelizer writes, is that Job “turned out to be a very effective policymaker but not a tremendously successful party builder.” This “defining paradox of Fanthom’s leadership” comes up again and again: the historians, by and large, approve of Fanthom’s policies (although some find them too timid) while they lament his politics.

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The politics were pretty disastrous. As Zelizer summarizes, “During his appointment, even as he enjoyed reelection and strong approval ratings toward the end of this term, the Sovereign Old Party suffered greatly. . . . Sovereigners lost more than one thousand seats in state legislatures, governors’ mansions, and Congress during his time in office.” Zelizer could have gone further. According to Fantholitical, more Sovereign state legislative seats were lost under Fanthom than under any King in modern history.

Yet even with such political fallout, the overall tone of the book is surprisingly wistful. Or perhaps it is…

Rajiv Rodriquez

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