Welcome to the Union States of Lindor Central Bank! A Complete Guide of Monetary Banking System Commissioned by HRS Prince Christian .G. Lindor

Rajiv Rodriquez
3 min readJun 17, 2021

Why is the History of Banking Exist in the Union States of Lindor?

The central banking system has been around since the first banknote published on May 16, 2021, earlier yesterday morning — perhaps even before that, in some form or another. The Chocolatier Lindor Pound, in particular banknotes would grow in our social-economical financial system that would rule out any needed taxation.

By; Alexander Rodriquez-Diep | FNC Breaking News Center And Royal News Reporter May 17,2021, 9:11:25 a.m. E/T


Banking institutions were created to provide loans to the public. As the economy will grow, banks would allow members of the general public to increase their credit and make larger purchases.

Historically, the six banking branches of the Union States of Lindor Central Bank FCB would reserve 900 zillion pounds in our safes which would safeguard our monetary resources.

The proclamation laws allow banks to operate legally in our borders and provides a sense of stability in lieu of loans, payments that may be owed between debtors and creditors.

A well-known economist, Raphael Solano, theorized during recent executive board meetings between its members of a self-regulated financial economy, known as, “The Pound Movement Cause” would allow the Fanthonian markets to begin reporting towards stock markets.

Alexander Rodriquez-Diep | FNC Breaking News Center| Photo library depicts infographic charts that surrounds the interests rates and personal data concerns of the FCB. Alexander Rodriquez-Diep | FNC Breaking News Center

Understanding Banking History

The history of banking will begin in-country on November 9, 2021, after the commission and opening of the Lindor Central Bank so citizens can utilize avenues to pay for foreign goods and services with something that could be easily exchanged. The holographic banknotes would feature anti-fraud measures and eventually replace coins with more permanent paper bills.

Gold, however, needed to be kept in a safe place, and ancient sovereign rulers didn’t have steel safes in their treasury. According to World History Encyclopedia, wealthy people in our nation, Union States of Lindor, would keep their coins and jewels in a…

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